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Journey of the Daggers (The Complete 2012 Trilogy)






A cubit (n.) – someone that has touched the Cubit and has been transformed into pure evil.

BethStar (n.) – miracle health pill made freely available to the world beginning in 2009

Book of the Djed (n.) – ancient book full of symbols that represent the creations of the Fifth Age.

Creation Dagger (n.) – weapon of both good and evil that is used to give life or take it.

Daykeeper (n.) – the antithesis of the Antichrist. One who records history for all of time. One who is eternal.

Djed (n.) – symbolism for recreation, new life and prosperity.

Djed amulet (n.) – artifact worn by Daykeepers that possesses powers which protect them.

Great Hall of the Anasazi (n.) – location of the sacred ceremonial site used by the ancient Anasazi tribe to encage and prevent the escape of the Cubit.

Leylines (n.) – geographic lines of energy that reveal the location of the Great Hall of the Anasazi.

Phoenix International (n.) – billion-dollar corporation with interests in the oil industry, media and pharmaceuticals. Distributor of BethStar.

The Cubit (n.) – a two-foot-square wooden box from which all evil rises.

The key page (n.) – used in conjunction with the center page, the key reveals the locations where artifacts and clues can be found to help the protagonists complete their journeys.

The page of symbols (n.) – the page in the middle of the Book of the Djed which self-writes throughout the novel. It reveals clues that help protagonists determine the future of the Fifth Age.

Vortex (n.) – represents the spiritual elements of Sedona, Arizona.

Wayeb (n.) – the final five day month of the Mayan yearly calendar that portends evil.