I really despise “About Me” pages but, I suspect, its intent is justified. You want to know about me? What do I like? What do I hate (or do you actually want to know that)? The fact is, I like a whole hell of a lot of things. That’s why I’m a pretty darn good writer (novelist, etc. – see my blog category “What’s Writing”). You have to be versatile, to be interested in lots of people, lots of places, lots of ideas both those you agree with and those you don’t, if you ever want to be a good writer.

SO, About Peter Galarneau Jr.:
I like to write novels, short stories, newsletters, how to’s, brochures, press releases, advertising copy, research papers, speeches, scripts…you name it…I write it.

I like technology. I am Pete the Geek. My life with tech goes all the way back to the Commodore 64. I’m a proficient software programmer, PC hardware tinkerer, gadget hobbyist and web designer. I know Mac and Linux and Windows. I know networks and web streaming and video production and mobile devices and…well, I told you I was a geek.

I am a business owner. My one-man companies, P.T. William Publishing Co. and Mynet idd have provided extra income that has been necessary to pursue my novel writing dreams.

I am a college professor at WV Wesleyan College who teaches in the Communication Dept. My research interests include media effects and, particularly the Agenda Setting Theory.

I love sports, all of them. I am closely connected to the athletics at Wesleyan where I volunteer my time as Sport Photographer (much of my photography can be found at my personal web site petergalarneau.com)

I love to road cycle. My Cannondale has taken me to some of the neatest places in WV. There’s really no better way to experience this beautiful state.

I am an avid footbag player (aka Hacky Sack). I’d say, I am pretty good at it…just ask some of my students.

I love animals. I adopt and find homes for strays. I try to volunteer in these efforts when I can.

I am 95% vegetarian. I do still like fish and seafood, and dive into an occasional WV pepperoni roll or chicken sandwich.

I hate fast food. Nuff said.

I love to garden. I have a 36 x 48 foot garden that I tend throughout the summer (when most of my novel writing takes place). There’s nothing better than tomatoes and cucumbers right from the garden. Mmmmmmm.

I really dig astronomy. Before I transitioned into the world of communication studies, I was an astronomy hobbyist, complete with star maps, telescopes and a starry imagination.

I am lots of things…no BS…not from me. I hate that.


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