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Part I of the entire Trilogy is based on a short story I originally wrote back in 1995 (which is now Part I of the Cubit which you can get as a free download). It was called “The Cubit” and it was created from a dream I’d had. In the dream, I was in that first-person viewpoint that makes everything so much more real. I was in the passenger seat of a car, at night, racing down a two-lane highway, the only illumination available for me to see what was happening was three sets of headlights and the blazing red and blue rolling flashers of two state police cruisers were barreling down on the car from behind. The lunatic old driver beside me tried to press one of the cruisers into the guardrail, miscalculated, and ended up against the screeching metal himself, almost losing control.

It was at this point I realized that the car I was in was a station wagon, one of those wood-paneled types from back in the 80s. From behind me, I heard this humming noise and turned to see some kind of small box. It glowed a gentle red and I remember the old crazy man who was driving telling me not to touch it.

It was at this point that a bullet blasted out the station wagon’s rear window and grazed my ear.

And I woke up.

That’s how “The Cubit” started.

It wasn’t until the last part of 1999 that The Cubit formed into a novel-length idea. I started studying everything I could about the ancient Maya, about the Dec. 21 End Date, about the mysteries of other cultures that were very similar including the Hopi (and other southwestern Native American tribal groups) and the Australian Aboriginals. By 2003, the single novel idea grew into a much more complex plot with lots of robust characters and a climax that would, naturally, end in December 2012.

So, the Trilogy, from its inception, has pretty much taken me 17 years to write (but most aggressively for the past 8 years). In its finality, it will be some 300,000 words in length and will mark the greatest labor of artistic love that I have ever completed.

It is a labor for you. I hope that you will uncover the moments of greater meaning that I have so vigorously tried to stitch into the prose. “Coincidence vs Fate” is one of the novel’s major themes. Evil in the form of monetary power is another. Mother Earth and humanity’s connection to her is a third.

Enjoy, and please, enter your comments here, on my Facebook page, or on any of the booksellers web sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.