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The Wayeb

The Last Five Days.

One of the more intriguing symbols from the ancient Maya was that which depicted the final month of their calendar known as the Wayeb. In the Mayan year, there were 18 months of 20 days each. The Wayeb rounded out the 365-day cycle of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. It contained only 5 days…

“The five nameless days at the end of the calendar called Wayeb were thought to be a dangerous time. Lynn Foster writes that, “During Wayeb, portals between the mortal realm and the Underworld dissolved. No boundaries prevented the ill-intending deities from causing disasters.” To ward off these evil spirits, the Maya had customs and rituals they practiced during Wayeb. For example, people avoided leaving their houses or washing or combing their hair…”
– http://www.wilsonsalmanac.com/converg.html

In The 2012 Trilogy, these last five days (which coincidentally align with Christmas) mark an important moment of catharsis, not only for the characters in the story but also for the world in which they live.