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From “The Cubit” (2008)

In this excerpt, the first trustworthy explanation of the Cubit is offered by the Daykeeper Alixel to the Trilogy’s cast of protagonists shortly before the novel’s final climax. The idea of opposites is sharply conferred.

Billy got the discussion back on track. “So the information not meant for mankind…you’re going to tell us it has to do with this thing called the Cubit.”

The Cubit“Everything in this world has an opposite and opposing force,” Alixel explained. “One cannot exist without the other. How could a person know the splendor of birth without knowing the heartbreak of death? It is a universal constant. There’s no good without bad, no cosmos without chaos, no yang without yin. Alpha has its omega—the beginning always has an end. Throughout Earth’s history, humans have ad infinitum found ways for speaking to their spiritual plateau—their God. They built alters, and temples, and complete religions around this one obscure need. They do this because they lack information and therefore, no matter how hard they try, all constructions for portals to Gods are inherently human and riddled with error. The only way of connecting with God is by the use of something created by God. Your soul is one good immaterial example, but too few in history have ever mastered this knowledge. They are known as prophets.

“There does exist several material objects that have served as portals. The Arc of the Covenant, for one. Though the Bible alludes to its creation by the hand of Man, this is only an interpretation. The Arc was created by that which it has a connection with: God. As Dr. Belloq from the Indiana Jones movie so eloquently put it, ‘It is a radio for talking to God.’ But, as I said, everything in this world has an opposite and opposing force.”

“The Cubit,” Billy guessed. “A radio for talking to the Devil.”

“The Devil, again, is a Christian construct. Let’s just say that the Arc is to Good as the Cubit is to Evil.”

“And what emerges from the Cubit is Evil in its purest sense,” Janine said, confident by experience.

“Yes. One touch and from it emerges the anti-you, a construction of all the Evil that resides within your human vessel.”

“Albert Stine,” Janine moaned. “He is the Devil himself.”

Alixel still had a hold of Janine’s hand and again gave it a light patting. “You might be more right than you imagine. Stine has his sights set on visions of grandeur. His desire is to be the Antichrist.

“You mean from Revelation?”

“The references in the Bible are not of the Antichrist, Janine. That is the interpretation. As is the interpretation that there have been other Antichrists in the past. Nero nor Napoleon nor Hitler were Antichrists. The only thing those men had in common was the possession of the Cubit. There can be only one Antichrist and there can be only one time in history that he or she can be born.”

Can be born,” Billy questioned. “Does that mean we have a chance?”

“There’s always hope, Billy, just as there is despair.”